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As children, visits to Gramma's house were mostly spent in the kitchen. It was heart of the home and the hub where a lot more than just cookin' and eatin' took place. In this room of our cabin we hope to share with you, not just delicious recipes but also provide crafts from your kitchen, gift ideas and more.


Cookies - Recipes and much more

Potluck - Dishes to travel and/or in a hurry!

Spring Time - Recipes using foods available in the Spring.

Lazy Days of Summer - Quick and coolin' foods.

Harvesting Time - Dishes using your favorite fall foods.

Hibernatin' Time - Hearty & slowly cooked with rich aroma for those long cool winter days.

Crock Pots and Slow Cookers - A selection of recipes and tips

Just Plain Sweet - Recipes to please your sweet tooth!

Wild Game Recipes - Mouth watering recipes using a variety of wild game

Beverages - Good for all seasons.

Everything Chocolate - Beverages to baking

Thanksgiving Feast - From around the world

Christmas Feast - International, traditional and more

International Fare - Selections from around the globe

Mom's Favorite Recipes - Recipes, memories and antidotes

Picnic Recipes - Mouth watering selections to fill your picnic basket

Rhubarb - A variety of treats     Flavor and fun from the past

Cooking for a Crowd - Easy recipes to please everyone

From the Garden - Onions & Garlic     Tomatoes   


Crafts for Kids - Garlands     Bubbles    Play Dough    Orange Pomanders

Crafts for All - Spiced Amour Pomanders    Cinnamon Shapes    

Garlands     Quick and Easy Table Centerpieces   

Scented Waters, Infusions & Decoctions

How Gramma used to do Things

Sharing Families Histories - add your families favorite recipes and memories.

Caring for your Heirloom Linens

Olden day Measurements and Oven Temperature Tests

Thanksgiving Feast - recipes gramma used

Rhubarb Recipes - from the past

Cleaning Tips - Past versus Present


Soups & Casseroles     Herbs     Bar-B-Que     Wild Game & Plants
Cookies/Cakes/Pies/Desserts     Preserving     Sharing History
Appliance Cooking     Gifts from your Kitchen    Family Health    International Cookbooks    Picnic Cookbooks   

Gifts from & for Your Kitchen

Lavender Sachets    Cookbooks    Cinnamon Shapes
Appliances    Pot-pourri Recipes    Spiced Amour Pomanders    Orange Pomanders    Slumber Sachets    Cookie Exchange    Culinary Herbs    Wreaths    Garlands    Kitchen Composters    Picnic Baskets    Spices    Strawberry Herb Pot    Tomatoes   

Cleanin' & Carin' Tips

Caring for your Quilts    Baking Day     Baking Powder Test Cooking for One     Kitchen Gadgets     Caring & Storing your fine Linens    Scented Drawer Liners     Cookie Exchange     Citrus Peels Garlic Kitchen Gadgets

Family Health

Family Health - cookbooks focusing on healthy eating and special diets

Creating Romance - treat yourselves

Essential Oils - aromatherapy for health

Aromatherapy - aromatherapy & essential oil books

Stress Management - giftsets, herbs, essential oils, books...

Natural Sunscreens & Insect Repellents - safe natural alternatives

Special Occasions

Special Occasions Main Page

Halloween / Valentines / Christmas / Mothers Day / Easter / Thanksgiving /

For all special occasions...

Quick and Easy Table Centerpieces

Picnics - ideas, baskets & supplies

Cooking for a Crowd - refreshments to desserts and everything in-between

Cookie Exchange Article - how to get an assortment of baked goods easily!

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