Comfy Country Creations learned hand-crafted traditions from their grandmother.

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The visits to this cabin, our grandmother's house, as children, created the memories and foundation of the crafts and traditions we create for you today.

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Grand Daughters have created this site with love. We hope you enjoy our sharing of ideas, traditions and crafts products.

The smells, sites and sounds are merely memories now.
The visits to this cabin, as children, are very real.
There was always activity. Granny as the matriarch of our family was called was never idle.

Carding wool, spinning and dying it to the many hues she used to hook floor rugs in various shapes and sizes.
This talent was included in the countless saddle blankets she also made.

Everyone had hand made wool insoles for their winter boots and a myriad of socks, mitts and toques were knit.
The kitchen with its big wood stove made countless loaves of bread and other wonderful smelling foods.
The pantry was full of home canned preserves from the garden and wild berry patches.

There was an icehouse and a big barn. Eggs to collect and wood to chop and yes, a cow to milk. Coal oil lanterns provided lighting and the wood stove in the kitchen provided heat. Water heated in the reservoir on the side of the stove was used for washing dishes and bathing.
The bathroom, you guessed it, outside.

Although some of these memories cannot be relived, the traditions they created have been passed on. We hope this site and the lovingly crafted products we offer, will bring back your childhood memories and encourage you to create more of the same for your grand daughters.

Thanks for visiting us,

      Ann and family