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The memory of someone telling us "a how to" can be a lifesaver. Over the years, these tried and true helpful hints have earned a special place in our lives. In the garden, in the kitchen, while out camping and even doing crafts, we rely on other peoplesí experiences to make even the smallest task that much easier. We hope the hints and tips that we pass along to you are some you may have forgotten about. Perhaps there will be new ones to be kept in the memory bank for later use and to be shared with family and friends.

Past Versus Present Day Cleaning

While our ancestors spent literally days doing the various chores of spring cleaning, we only need to use some modern appliances and very little elbow grease to get the job done. They, too, were inhibited by the fact that they still needed to continue with their daily routines of cooking and yard chores. No microwaves or fast food outlets were available to lighten the load.

Big tubs filled with water would be set on the wood stove or possibly over an open fire outside to heat in preparation of scrubbing floors and walls. This task would start very early in the morning and all of the womenfolk were expected to participate in order to get the job done in one day.

If the home had scatter rugs, it would be someones duty to take them outside, drape them over a porch rail, fence or clothes line and beat them with a rug beater or stick to loosen and remove the dirt. Larger area rugs were often left in place and swept with a corn broom. The art of rug beating is still quite often done today; however, even these along with large area rugs and rooms with carpet in them are looked after with a vacuum.

Airing of the linens was done in the spring and usually again in the fall. Blankets and other bed linens were washed and hung outside to dry. Here again, the water would have to be heated and often as not lye soap was used in the washing. Quilts and heavier blankets would be hung over a clothes line or fence to let the wind blow the freshness back into them. Modern technology has taken over once again with clothes washers and dryers as well as the dry-cleaning service. These have all but erased the time that was spent in freshening the linen. Although we have all of the modern amenities, it is still very enjoyable to sleep in linens that have dried on the line.

In the very busy lifestyles we live today, there is always room for tip and tricks to get chores done. We are also finding that using commercial products for cleaning may not be something we are comfortable with. Some of our spring cleaning tips and methods will conjure up memories of our grandparents and even parents doing a time honored tradition - Spring Cleaning.

Cleaning Solution
2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of vinegar
Use this solution as you would for any household cleaner. Spray on, or use a cloth that has been rung out, to apply. Use newspapers to wipe dry. Rug Beater
Stretch a wire coat hook into a long oval shape. Straighten the hook out and wrap with duct tape. cover the duct tape with foam and wrap again with duct tape. This makes the handle for you to hang onto while beating your area rugs clean.

Scents for your Linens

Bring back memories and make all your linens smell fresh too.
The musty scented smell from the pillows and bed sheets at your grandmothers probably came from herbs.

Lavender was used to keep the linen fresh smelling, to soothe troubled minds to help with a peaceful sleep and to ward off moths in the linen closet.
Other herbs that may have been used are Woodruff which would give a fresh cut hay scent or sprigs of Rosemary.

These memories are yours for the making with our
Lavender Sachet, Lavender Baskets, Orange Pomanders or our Cinnamon Shapes, to freshen your linen closet. Or perhaps you would like to add scented "Drawer Liners" you can make yourself.

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These helpful tips and ideas are for the purpose of sharing only and not for purposes of reselling.
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