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The memory of someone telling us "a how to" can be a lifesaver. Over the years, these tried and true helpful hints have earned a special place in our lives. In the garden, in the kitchen, while out camping and even doing crafts we rely on others experiences to make even the smallest task that much easier. We hope the hints and tips that we pass along to you are some you may have forgotten about. And the new ones you will keep in your memory bank for later use and to be shared with family and friends.

Items - Caring for particular items in your home.

Caring for your Quilts     Caring for and Storing your Linens    

Amaryllis houseplant - grow to enjoy beautiful winter blooms   

Kitchen - Household Tips

Baking Day     Baking Powder Test     Cooking for One

Kitchen Gadgets     Olden Day Measurements   

Oven Temperature Testing

Tips for your Yard

Painting Tips    Plants that Repel Bugs     Tool Box Basics

Natural Bug Sprays - make your own

How to Books

Outdoor Cooking - build an outside oven

Container Gardening - everyone can enjoy a container garden

Craftin' Tips

Tracing Patterns     Cutting Felt    

These helpful tips and ideas are for the purpose of sharing only and not for purposes of reselling.
Please share and send your favorite Helpful Tips to Comfy Country Creations.