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The memory of someone telling us "a how to" can be a lifesaver. Over the years, these tried and true helpful hints have earned a special place in our lives. In the garden, in the kitchen, while out camping and even doing crafts we rely on others experiences to make even the smallest task that much easier. We hope the hints and tips that we pass along to you are some you may have forgotten about. And the new ones you will keep in your memory bank for later use and to be shared with family and friends.

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Painting Tip

Painting can leave your hands covered in all of the colors you are using. If you donít wear gloves, spray your hands with cooking oil this will help your hands clean up easier.

Pick up loose paint bristle freshly painted walls with tweezers.

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Tool Box Basics

More & more people are becoming do it yourselfers. Both men and women find themselves in need of a certain amount of tools to keep things running smoothly around the home. Make sure your toolbox is stocked with some of these basics.

Hammer     Selection of Screw Drivers     Hand Saw    Putty Knife     Utility Knife     Tape Measure     Safety Glasses/Goggles     Carpenters Square     Hearing Protectors    Drill - Cordless or Electric     Drill Bit Set    Clamps    

Before you start a project, no matter the size, make sure to have all the right tools on hand you will need. You can rent items like mitre boxes and saws as well as electric hand tools for one-time projects.

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