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A Rose Means......
Flowers create a special language of their own. The meaning of flowers, herbs and leaves has been written about for centuries. Each book written may proclaim a different meaning, but the meaning of flowers are, after all, whatever you want them to be. The bloom of a dandelion given by a small child holds as much love as a rose given by a admirer. Various flowers can create interesting conversation. Definitions are dependant on color, size, buds or full blooms and whether they are alone, paired or in bouquets. A lot to remember when trying to pick just the right flower for someone special.

Roses are the most widely acclaimed flower with a silent voice that speaks the loudest.

Tips and timesavers for you and from you. Red roses say "I love you". They can also stand for respect and courage

Tips and timesavers for you and from you.
White roses may say "You're heavenly" or "I'm worthy of you". Innocence and purity are also inferred.

Tips and timesavers for you and from you.

Pink roses, dependant on the shade will imply grace, gratitude, admiration or sympathy. Deep pinks represent gratitude and appreciation and light pinks convey admiration or sympathy

Tips and timesavers for you and from you. Yellow roses can stand for joy, gladness, freedom and friendship Coral roses depict desire or enthusiasm Lavender roses will tell a story of love at first sight or enchantment Orange roses speak of facination

Red and white rose together says unity while red and yellow stands for happy feelings and togetherness. Pale colors represent sociability and friendship. A single red rosebud is a sign of a new love. In full bloom it says "I love you" or "I love you still" and a bouquet in full bloom signifies gratitude. White rosebuds signify "too young to love" and the moss rosebud stands for a confession of love. Hybrid tea roses say "I'll remember you always" and sweetheart roses symbolize exactly what the name implies. Two roses tied with a ribbon signify engagement and a fully opened rose over two buds implies secrecy. A crown made of roses indicates a reward and leaves from a rose express hope. Withered white roses may mean either fleeting beauty or "you made no impression".

Roses are not alone in their quest to talk without saying a word as is indicative in our Flower Language Dictionary.

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