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Our site is dedicated to both genders. Craftin' and Cookin' know no boundaries. Browse through Comfy Country Creations Gallery and see what our friends have been up to.

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Quilted Projects

by Ann Robson and Lori Stafford

WARNING Quilting is addicting.
Ann says: For anyone who is not involved with this wonderful pass time already, be warned that in the early stages you will think of little else. It is, however, a very gratifying hobby.

Lap Quilts can be used as wallhangings as well.

Oh Well Lap Quilt
by Ann Robson

It all started with an introduction to quilting through a night class some nine years ago. As an avid crafter and stitcher in many other areas, this seemed to be a normal progression to the learning curve. Of course, as with many things we enjoy doing, it takes a back seat to family and everyday life. A quilt block would get finished one-month and perhaps another one in three or four months. There was never once a consideration to “not quilt”.

The collection of material continued to grow with the knowledge that someday they would be the foundation of treasured comfy quilts. Finally, blessed with a little more spare time another class was taken. This one was on machine quilting. Although hand quilting is the first love, machine quilting is equally enjoyable.

Lap Quilts can be used as wallhangings as well. Same design, two different effects!

These Four Patch Lap Quilts are examples of how unique every quilt is by using different fabrics & colors. Each is made with 100% cotton material for the quilt top, back and batting. Measures approx. 35" x 42"
by Ann Robson & Lori Stafford

Lap Quilts can be used as wallhangings as well. Quilted Checkers is a good example of the variety of uses for quilting.

Many unique and interesting projects can be made by quilting them.

To purchase our original Quilted Checkerboard Game and our other quilts please view our entire selection on our
Quilt Sale page.

Lap Quilts can be used as wallhangings as well.
Joy Lap Quilt

(Pink and Blue)

Made by Lori Stafford
- Airdrie, AB

"My grandmother was a big influence in the crafts I now do" says Lori. "She was a seamstress, photographer, gardener and member of the Guiding movement. I am involved with all the things she did; and, I love scrap booking as well." How did Lori get started sewing quilts? " I have always wanted to do stained glass work" she said, who opted for quilting because it, to her is very much like the craft she longs to do only working with fabric not glass. This Four Patch Quilt is Lori's first! She calls it Joy because it was pure joy for her to see it completed. It measures approx. 36"x45" and is made from 100% cotton. For her next quilt, Lori plans to do a Watercolor. While collecting just the right materials for this project, she hopes to keep her scrap booking up to date, sew, spend time with her family and continue to hope, one day she'll be able to fit in a class in stainedglass.

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