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Please feel free to grab a cuppa' and take a stroll through our cabin.

Come Cozy up in Our Loft

Our bedroom loft has lots 
								of hand-crafted unique quilts to cozy up with Beautiful Hand Crafted Quilts
Unique Items from our Cabin
Rest & Relax
Books, Music, Videos

Join us in the heart and hub of our cabin and sample a recipe or two.

Find lots of down home recipes to satisfy every craving Crafts from the kitchen
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How Gramma used to do Things
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Come have a peek at what crafts and ideas we have in
our craftin' room.

country craft ideas and supplies for all ages Yes, You Can Craft
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Sit a spell in our reading room and enjoy browsing through the selections we have made for you.
Our reading room offers 
								a variety of books to add to your library

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Join us out on the porch, lots of stuff for fixin' up the place.

Outside country living ideas and products Tips for your Yard
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Take a stroll through our General Store.
 Comfy Country has craft
							ideas and products for everyone and for every area of your home and garden. Home
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Come on in and see what crafts & gifts we have for Special Occasions.
 Comfy Country has craft
							ideas and products for everyone and for every area of your home and garden.

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