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The memory of someone telling us "a how to" can be a lifesaver. Over the years, these tried and true helpful hints have earned a special place in our lives. In the garden, in the kitchen, while out camping and even doing crafts we rely on others experiences to make even the smallest task that much easier. We hope the hints and tips that we pass along to you are some you may have forgotten about. Keeping the new ones in the memory bank for later use; and to be shared with family and friends.

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History in the Making - Memories and Heirlooms

A cherished gift, a flea market find or a project you complete yourself. All warrant keeping records to share with future generations.  Comfy Country has crafts and quilting tips and gifts

Making a quilt for you is a good example. Of course, you will know its history, but will future families. You are creating history and it needs to be documented for generations yet to come.

By using the following as a guideline, you will ensure your heirloom and its creators are preserved in time.

Take pictures of the finished piece - Take several pictures front and back. If there are blocks that have been made by several different people take pictures of each block or group of blocks. Take pictures of people who helped make the gift.

What special occasion encouraged this creation?
  • a wedding, a birth, an anniversary or maybe you have finally collected a piece of fabric from every member of the family.

Who took part in making it?
  • names, addresses, how they fit in - cousin, bridesmaid, best friends mom
  • create a grid of the quilt for easy identification of each block. Choose a prominent block for a starting ID point.

What types of materials, batting and backing were used?
  • this will alert future users and keepers of history how to care for the heirloom
  • include information on caring and storage

How long did it take to make?

Machine or hand quilted or both?
  • which parts are hand quilted / which parts are machine quilted

Is there any special materials used?
  • your favorite aunts' apron - you remember her baking cookie for you in it when you were little.
  • the shirt your husband wore on his first day of school - yes, some parents keep these things.

Are there any special stories that go with the materials used and/or the creator(s)?

Use a 3" x 5" recipe cards to document information. Put pictures in a small photo album. Wherever possible, insert the recipe card in with the corresponding picture. Make two. Keep one for your own archives and tuck the other one in with the quilt if you are giving it as a gift.

NOTE: Whatever you make, take a picture and add some notes about its origin. Create your own history book. Always date, sign, or stitch your name into your projects. History in the Making!

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