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Reindeer craft pattern
Preserve your own flowers

Reindeer craft pattern
Make our Reindeer napkin holder

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Crafts don't necessarily include glue, scissors and paper. Crafts are anything you enjoy doing, be it cooking, sewing, knitting and even gardening. It is usually something that gives great pleasure, is relaxing and has to be fit into a time slot somewhere between homemaker and professional. Please enjoy some of the crafts we have chosen for you from our kitchen.

Leaves for Every Occasion

Reindeer craft pattern

Leaf Pattern and print.

BONUS: This pattern can be used to make Reindeer, Halloween Bat, Poinsettia. Click on link for instructions.

  • Felt in various colors (8 3/4" x 11 3/4")
  • Use fall colors for Thanksgiving. Use red, green and white for Christmas. Use school colors for graduations and sports parties.
  • Tacky glue or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Use the pattern made for Reindeer or save pattern and print.

    Enlarge to 6 3/4" long by 2 3/4" wide at the widest point - this will be your original. Trace enlarged pattern onto interfacing and cut out - this will be your working pattern.

Fold felt in half. Place small square end of pattern on fold. NOTE: By positioning pattern carefully, you will be able to cut three leaves from one piece of felt. Trace leaf onto felt. Mark and cut 1" slit as shown on pattern.

Make sure you don't glue the ring shut or together. Any items used to embellish the leaves should be glued on carefully making adjustments to make sure you don't have trouble slipping other side of the leaf back through the slit.

Suggestions on uses

  • Using a branch from a tree or a piece of driftwood, attach leaves, with your guests' names on them. Place in the middle of the table with candles intertwined.

  •  Unique flower holders to decorate your table. Cut out several different colors. Place in a tea light candle holder before putting the candle in. As shown in the picture.

  • Glue dried apples, oranges, flowers, etc to one side of the leaf. Wrap it around the base of a wine glass at each place setting. See picture here Centerpieces

  • Use glue and a toothpick to spell someone's name on a leaf. Sprinkle with glitter and gently shake off any excess - leaving their name sparkling. Wrap around wine glass or napkin at each place setting

  • Use glue and a toothpick to outline the leaf. Sprinkle with glitter color of your choice - gently shake off any excess. Wrap around napkin or wine glass at each place setting.

  • Having a buffet? Wrap each set of utensils in with a napkin and place on the table in a basket.

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