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Gardening Book Reviews

Garden Decoration From Junk Garden Decoration From Junk
Flea markets, junk yards, basements and attics all become treasure chests filled with items waiting to be brought to life. Garden Decoration From Junk certainly brings new meaning to containers used in gardening! A little imagination, along with the unique suggestions in this book and your yard will have a character like no other. The operative word here is imagination and after reading this book, you will wonder why you threw out some perfectly good garden accessories. Everything from tin cans to car springs and cutlery can be incorporated into your garden setting whether is be on your deck and patio or in the yard. Visualize old garden tools as a support for clamatis, scarlet runner beans or sweet peas. Metal containers such as pots, buckets and tin cans housing your herbs. Books and foot wear that have been damaged beyond repair or restoration will make quite a coversation piece when used as planters. There is an abundance of pictures that will give you every opportunity to invent an end product that would add personality to your decor inside or out. One man's junk is another man's treasure certainly holds true page after page in this intriguing book by Leeann MacKenzie. Logo - 234x60

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Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

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