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Playing in the Dirt
Have you noticed how children will be lost to another world while playing with their toys in a dirt pile? Adults are no different. Our toys may be a little bigger or we may be trying to accomplish something other than building a road to no where, but the effect is still the same.

This is a form of relaxation therapy that allows our minds to wonder, lets us use our imaginations without question and when all is said and done, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Pulling weeds for hours can relieve stresses and boost morale even if you have left the task to the point of overwhelming. The bright point is that when you are finished the job, again, the end result is a sense of accomplishment combined and a lot less stress.

Huge flower beds or vegetable gardens are not needed to reap the benefits related to de-stressing in the garden. The joy that container gardening or even time spent maintaining house plants will be advantageous as usually, even small tasks like watering the plants and deadheading annuals permits us to secretly gloat over something that has been created and nurtured by your hands. The thrill of finding the first
tomato blossom that has born fruit or the aroma from a hoya plant when it blooms all help our senses cope with our mind and body anxieties.

If you're considering a make over of the yard, do your homework. Remember this should be a time of pleasure and relaxation combined with small goals that will be reached easily without creating further distress in your life.

Our article on Ergonomic Gardening for safety and special tools may interest you.

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